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We did a poor job documenting construction of HQ so More Media could save the day with this beauty.  Amazing job capturing amazing work by Woodsmithe.

I’ve always been fascinated with offices and workspaces (it’s the busy, organized bee in me). And I love when the loved and passionate work of one group mixes with the loved and passionate officespace/work of another, like in this video.

I’ve already posted about how I love Handsome’s branding and their coffee — here is some more from them.

As a previously-devoted and loyal Stumptown Coffee fan (still love ‘em!), it took a little convincing for me to trust something new. But when my friend Andy (mustachioed partner of Sandwich & Penny) and my extremely knowledgeable neighborhood barista at Tougo recommended Handsome, I took the leap.

Handsome is now my coffee of choice. Tougo has their espresso delivered on Fridays, meaning I sip delicious Handsome americanos all weekend. They also receive a variety of their coffees for resale, which I purchase for my weekday mornings. I’m absolutely in love with their branding and packaging. Easy on the eyes, fantastic on the tastebuds.

//more images of their packaging at TheDieline, here//

Victoria Recommendations: Habit Coffee

On the corner of Yates & Blanshard

I ordered an Africano — half Americano, half steamed milk — and it was wonderful.

Best Sunday morning.

(Finally finishing these books up so I can watch the movies)

Best Sunday morning.

(Finally finishing these books up so I can watch the movies)

I seriously created a monster...

  • Joe: oh man, just bought this so I can be really pretentious about my coffee at work
  • me: fer real Joe Shoop?
  • Joe: going to walk around while I grind scoffing at all the plebs drinking their keurig
  • Perfect submission to Unhappy Hipsters